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Dominion Precast - Commercial Concrete Furniture Manufacturer

When Dominion Precast Ltd was first established in the early 1980’s, we carried one line of exposed aggregate planters. Now, decades later, dry-hand casting has been replaced with a wet-cast method of manufacturing, and as a result, Dominion Precast Ltd. is able to offer a more comprehensive product line. We are now a fully operational and successful concrete furniture manufacturer offering varieties of trash receptacles, tables and benches.

Natural Rock Finishes

When viewing our concrete products you might wonder how they got their polished, smooth surfaces. These predominantly exposed aggregate finishes are the result of using natural, colourful rocks that derive from old river beds or glacier run offs. Nature and time have refined the shape and texture of these rocks, so that they produce a visually splendid appearance, resembling polished marble.

We are devoted to making our furnishings with the highest-quality materials, designed for durability and longevity. We regularly ship throughout British Columbia and Alberta, and routinely send orders all across Canada and the US.

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